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A novel form of distributed ledger, built from the ground up, self-contained data storage that does not require any form of trust in an operator or a set of operators to account for changes.

A new paradigm. It changes the way distributed data storage and processing is organized and performs.

The solution we found is counterintuitive — Bitlattice introduces different architecture, where data is arranged in a 5 dimensional lattice (with 3 Cartesian degrees of freedom and two specifically constrained).

Bitlattice has or can have implemented instrumentation needed to act as a neural network. That idea is wild, but ultimately possible and potentially beneficial. While the globe wide network in this mode won't be fast (due to physical limitations of signals speed and delays of network) the fact that the middle layer contains far less nodes than actual number of participating devices makes that idea at least possible to implement. The practical aspect here could be, for instance, making a "feeling planet" like project.

The network is decentralized in physical sense, however functionally speaking it's fully centralized — all decisions are made in the middle layer and there is no authority that could affect them.

Every operation involving proper accountancy of some assets can be performed with Bitlattice, while benefiting from its inherent properties. Therefore, automated trading, assets management, processing financial transactions can be successfully implemented with use of Bitlattice. One important factor that should be mentioned here is that due to all decisions being taken internally such systems, if properly set, could end up being zero maintenance which means no operators needed to manage input.